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Just click the join button. You just must like the Kisuke and Yoruichi pairing. <3

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Go to the gallery and click +
You can submit one pic per day.
Any kind of art is allowed (cosplay, photos, fanfics)
About drawings: They must be yours. Tracing is totally forbidden here.

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You folks heard right, we're hosting an October themed contest for our excellent Bleach power couple, Kisuke x Yoruichi!Yoruhara stamp 2 by ashlinoooo
Idiocy is Bliss by AutumnOwl What exactly does that mean? Well, think about what October means to you.
If October for you is pumpkin spice lattes and fall leaves beneath your boots, or dressing up and scaring all your friends(or impressing them with your costume/cosplay), or even cuddling under the covers with a hot mug of cocoa and watching scary movies, it's all acceptable!
Stamp - Bleach: Yoruichi by Suxinn Now just take those lovely ideas and apply them to our lovely coupleUrahara Stamp by martiniss
Now, the part everyone loves, let's start with:
:bulletgreen: All color but the Black Art Book, which you can samples of here on the Bleach Wiki.
:bulletgreen: The Bleach Official Bootleg artbook which has an amusingly contradictory title.
And a Bleach related Video Game(PS3) OR one of the Hoenn Remakes (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire). Whichever one of your choice.
There will also be art related prizes, including a 1-3 page comic related to your original character which I will draw, and potential other prizes if others would care to donate.
I do want to mention that a lot of these prizes will cost time and money, and unfortunately if enough people are not inclined to enter, they will not be worth either, so not ALL of these prizes are immediately up for grabs based on whom wins first-third or so on places. So, try and get your friends in on it c: the more the merrier, and the better the prizes.

Moving on, I will tell you the basics of what will be looked for...
bouncy by Sabrillian A theme that is clearly related to October. Now, October has so much related to it, I think it shouldn't be too difficult to apply this to your work.
The main focus(in some way) being on our couple! OR focusing on one member of our couple. This is a fanclub for the pairing, however there'd be no couple if we only had one character. So a piece of fanart focusing on just Kisuke or Just Yoruichi(with others being allowed, just one/both of those two must be the main focus) is acceptable.

Creativity and decent quality! Now, while we prefer and expect finished works, as the UltimateSketchQueen, it would be wrong for me to say "no sketches", so, if you wish to submit a sketch, just make sure you put as much love into it as you can, and make sure it is, in essence, a finished sketch. I've seen a number of sketches that are better than fully lined and colored works, and I honestly believe that they can be just as beautiful, so why not allow them?

Just about any medium of art, except fanfiction/literature. Now, if you and an artist friend would like to split the prizes, with you writing and him/her/non-binaryalternative drawing, that is perfectly acceptable. You two will just work out whom gets what, and that's a-okay.

:bulletred:What we are hoping to not see.:bulletred:

Any medium depicting obvious or implied romantic relationships starring the individual characters in our power couple (Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihōin) with characters other than each other. (Example, Kisuke x Ichigo or Kuukaku, and/or Yoruichi x Soi Fon or Byakuya).

Sketches with barely any love thrown into them. They will not even be looked at further than a click if it's just a few scribbles.
To that affect, if you believe you will only have time for a sketch, and you submit it early, but then find you have time later and can get in the better sketch or finished product before the deadline, then by all means, please enter it into the contest.

Anything not October related.
Don't try to slip some Christmas stuff in there, we're on to you.

With that out of the way, please ask any and all questions about other things that may or may not be allowed, if you have them.
And, please share this journal, in a journal or poll, with your friends! Everyone who at least does that gets a chance to be randomly selected for a premium membership, and/or the equivalent amount of points, thank you.

Deadline is Midnight on November 1st, Or 00:00:00 November 2nd in whatever your timezone is! Good luck!
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